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Live this moment [entries|friends|calendar]
Andrea. It doesn't really rhyme with anything...

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[10 Nov 2006|02:48am]
[ mood | triumphant ]



according to the law, this means:
1. porn
2. cigarettes
3. strip clubs
4. gambling
5. official drivers liscense
6. clubbing
7. salvia
8. exotic shops
9. the BIG boy jail-house
10. the parentals aren't responsible
11. ah'm a reeeeel woh-mahn!


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[09 Oct 2005|03:36pm]
okay look. here's wats going down. i began this livejournal because i was too lazy to handwrite my experiences down. i didn't create this to impress anyone with the world of andrea. that means it's biased. i write when i've just had a wild night i want to remember, when i'm depressed, or feeling random. it also means I EXAGGERATE. so when my FAMILY reads it, i'm FUCKED, cuz everything is blown way out of proportion. and THAT is the reason that i'm grounded right now. so, since i cannot even trust my own family to keep out of my business-

This is now FRIENDS ONLY!!!!!!!

i dunno. comment or something. peace out.
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heavy thoughts [24 Sep 2005|10:07pm]
I live in constant fear of conforming to my society- compromising my morales in order to subscribe to the 'elite' of our world. It is so easy to fall back into the inevitability of human drama, the continuous cycle of conquering and being conquered. But there cannot be light without the dark, there cannot be joy without pain, there is no beginning without the end because it's all connected. We are doomed to be miserable and mortal and yet only through suffering can we truly begin to transcend into a higher state of being; creation IS destruction IS creation IS destruction. Everything means NOTHING because IT'S ALL THE SAME. IT NEVER ENDS. The question now is whether to accept the helplessness of our entire situation, or to take a stronger stand in sparking our own self-revolutions. Time is always against us; I will never again be as young as this very moment. So is the journey entirely pointless because we are doomed never to reach our constant state of enlightenment, or was the destination false all along?
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[28 Jul 2005|01:08am]
Moonlit Lunacy

The moon rises ‘cross Bolivian rooftops
Remembering romantic reveries
And I am the man on the moon
Holding hands with Lucy and
There’s diamonds in her eyes.
God she’s beautiful but
I don’t know if I’m drunk yet.
Join me
In standing on the White House lawn
With fists and fingers raised
I’ll gather an army
Of restless young hooligans like us
We’ll raise a cacophony of questions,
Inject the president with truth serum,
And set fire to Catholic morals.
I hear destructive nature is natural in teens,
Well it looks like they got one thing right.
Don’t worry.
One day we’ll understand out government’s intentions-
Their conspiratorial shenanigans.
One day we’ll find our own nirvana
A euphoria, to each his own
One day we shall hold hands and understand why we are here
And travel to the moon together with Lucy and The Man
‘Cuz that’s where we belong.
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